Wheat Production Enhancement


Wheat Production Enhancement (USDA & CIMMYT)


  • Long term effect of planting techniques and cropping system on the productivity of rain fed
  • Nutrient management under different rain fed cropping system (Planting of
  • Rain fed wheat varieties 03 under 3 fertilizer management)
  • Platform trial / demonstration at BARI - Chakwal: (On going, please continue with it)
  • Demonstration of tillage methods at farmer fields: (planting of wheat with ZT and conventional method of planting at farmer fields on 05 sites)
  • Split application of nitrogen at farmer fields (05 farmer fields; we can continue and this will help to authenticate results);  
  • Capacity buildings:   
  •   Field days (In the last year, 03 proposed and one was held)
  •   Agri professional training: One proposed (No training yet): Can we do it
  • Field days 3-4
  • Please organize one training for agriculture professionals
  • In addition, we would like to use ZT drill that was new.