Completed Projects

Some of the completed projects are mentioned below:

  • Research project entitled, “Acquisition Screening and Utilization of Germplasm of Pearl Millet for the development of dual purpose cultivar”. (Funded by Govt. of Punjab)
  • Strengthening of research facilities at MMRI, Yousafwala, Sahiwal conceived and executed”. (Funded by Govt. of Punjab)
  • Screening of maize inbred lines against high temperature (CISSA)
  • Development of nutrient use efficient wheat germplasm for food security in rainfed   areas of Pakistan (Funded by PARB)
  • Genetic improvement of groundnut for herbicide and disease resistance (PARB funded) 
  • Project on sustainable land management practices “Promotion of drought tolerant and low delta crops in barani tract of Punjab through public private partnership” (Funded by UNDP, GEF and GOP)
  • Standardization of Olive propagation and its value addition techniques. (Funded by PARB)
  • Fruit and Vegetable development Project executed for the establishment and maintenance of GPUs/multiplication blocks of peaches & tunnel technology for vegetables (Funded by Govt. of Punjab)
  • Development of germplasm and breeding material of wheat for the evolution of drought and heat tolerant wheat varieties (Funded by Pakistan Science Foundation)
  • Village based seed enterprises for less favorable areas (ICARDA)
  •  Watershed Rehabilitation Technologies and Irrigation Improvement
  • Wheat Production Enhancement
  • Feasibility of Growing Organic Cotton in Potowar Area
  • Import of Olive Oil  Extraction Machinery
  • Increasing Productivity and Profitibility of Pulse Production
  • Community Based Training Program