4th special R&D Board meeting

Thursday, August 31, 2017

4th (special) Research & Development boards of BARI and SAWCRI held on 31.08.2017 to discuss burning issues of the farming community and to plan new research areas. The following research areas were discussed in detail

  • Horticultural issues in fruited and vegetables
  • Crop production technology issues especially in legumes, chickpea and lentil
  • organic cropping system in cotton and vegetables
  • value addition in grapes, peanut
  • soil erosion control, soil conservatin
  • social and economic benefits of new cereal and oil crops like quinoa and camelian
  • promoton and development of eco villages exhibiting green energy and high value agricultue products
  • introduction of cut-flowers production for high return
  • soil fertility and soil soil erosion issues due to run off

Dr. Abdul Majid country head ICARD, Malik Fateh Khan from NRSP, Dr. Obaid ur Rahman Zamindara seed, Ch. Ghazfar and other members participated in the meeting.

At the end Director BARI gave concluding remarks.