Enlisted below are the core functions of the institute:

  • Collection, maintenance, characterization and evaluation of germplasm of rainfed field crops for utilization in hybridization programs
  • Development of high yielding, drought tolerant and disease resistant crop varieties of cereals (wheat), legumes (chickpea, lentil, mung and mash), oilseeds (brassica), fodder (sorghum and millets etc)
  • Identification and propagation of suitable cultivars of peach, apricot, grapes, citrus, olive, pomegranate, plum, almond and apple for different agro-ecological zones of Punjab
  • Hybridization of cut flowers (Ranunculus) for high value hybrid varieties
  • Research co-ordination with national (NARC, PARC) and international (CIMMYT, ICARDA, USDA) research organizations to evaluate / screen the advanced breeding lines
  • Development/standardization of production technologies of different field crops and vegetables
  • Standardization of production technologies of off-season vegetables in plastic tunnels, especially tomato, cucumber and bitter gourd
  • Propagation and distribution of true to type fruit nursery plants to the farming community for the establishment of orchards
  • Value addition of different vegetables and fruits
  • Establishment of multiplication and high density blocks of olive, citrus and grape at the institute and farmers field as well
  • Introducing efficient irrigation system (drip/bubbler) for various row cropsand for orchard plants for the purpose of water saving in comparison flood irrigation
  • Production of breeder’s nucleus seed, pre-basic, basic and certified seeds of approved varieties for supply todifferent stake holders of public and private sectors
  • Dissemination of newly developed advanced technologies through audio (radio talks), video (TV programs), printed materials (brochures and pamphlets), electronic media (CDs & Web)and farmer days