Groundnut Research Station, Attock


Groundnut Research Station was established in August 2000 at Attock. This station is situated in the low to medium rainfall zone on sandy to sandy clay loam soil, which is most suitable for groundnut research. Punjab contributes about 90% of groundnut in Pakistan with dryland Pothwar as core production area. Total area of this research station is 09.75 Acres.  Groundnut Research Station, Attock is working on developing high yielding groundnut varieties with drought and disease tolerance as climate change adaptation characteristics. Average groundnut yield in Punjab 9-10 maunds/acre where as Farmers can harvest 20 maunds/acre from latest varieties.


  • The main objectives of the Research Station are
  • Strengthening of gene pool of diverse origin
  • Development of high yielding and short season varieties
  • Standardization of production technologies
  • Production of good quality seed.
  • To develop soil moisture conservation techniques suitable for agro-climatic zone of  Attock


At present our station is conducting nine experiments/ trials for Kharif 2017 for the development of new groundnut varieties and improvement in production technology. The research plan includes experiments on germplasm enrichment/ evaluation through hybridization work and evaluation of promising lines in various trials (Preliminary, Regular, Micro and National). Moreover, refinement of production technology for advance lines/candidate varieties is also being carried out by conducting agronomic trials like sowing date studies, seed rate studies and fertilizer requirement trials.
Introduction of 3-4 grains/pods in advance lines
Production of filial generations through crossing/hybridization
Exotic material from NARC, Islamabad and Chakwal was evaluated to strengthen the germplasm which was well adapted to agro-climatic zone of Attock.
Wheat campaign was monitored at district level by checking the training programme regarding wheat crop, presence of participants and its standards
Efforts to publish the research findings in well reputed journals
Advisory services were provided to farmers


  • 11AK011, high yielding advance line of groundnut is sent to National Agriculture Research Center, Islamabad for NUGYT 2017 (2nd Year).It got first position in national trail during kharif 2016.
  • Seven research trials were conducted for the development of new groundnut varieties and improvement in production technology.
  • National Uniform Groundnut Yield Trail from National Agriculture Research Center, Islamabad was also conducted to isolate high yielding, drought and disease tolerant varieties of groundnut belonging to different research stations through out Pakistan under local environment.
  • Micro groundnut yield trial, Barani Agriculture Research Institute, Chakwal was conducted for evaluation of performance of advance promising lines of groundnut under rainfed conditions.
  • Advisory services about production technology of groundnut were provided to farmers of District Attock during Farmers Training Programmes at all Tehsil Headquarters
  • 31402 Olive plants were successfully planted in District Attock.
  • An easy and cheap method to control hairy caterpillar was developed by Groundnut Research Station Attock (Bat).
  • Monitoring of wheat Campaign in District Attock.
  • Pure seed of approved varieties of Groundnut is being provided each year to farmers of District Attock.