MoU signed between BARI and USAID-PEEP

Thursday, February 9, 2017
  • An MoU signed between BARI and USAID-PEEP for mutual collaboration in future to promote olive research.
  • With the above rationale and to promote new partnerships for broad based economic growth and to promote research in the Olive sector, USAID PEEP and BARI will collaborate to achieve the following:
  • USAID-PEEP will provide financial (in-kind) and technical assistance to BARI for establishing and operating ORC by providing necessary furniture, IT equipment, learning and knowledge resources, and technical assistance for capacity development of proposed staff as well as development of the operational protocols for the center.
  • BARI will design and submit proposals along with the estimated budget for consideration of USAID PEEP.
  • BARI will accomplish the task of establishing the ORC within agreed budget and time frame by utilizing its existing resources, or acquiring resources from elsewhere if deemed necessary.