National Pollinator's Day

Saturday, February 24, 2018

National pollinator day was celebrated in Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal on 24.02.2018 with objective to disseminate awareness among masses about the importance and protection of crop pollinating insects. A seminar was conducted in which agricultural scientists, Farmers, Bee keepers and students participated. Different lectures on the importance of natural pollinators especially on the honey bees were delivered by the experts. Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Director Barani Agricultural Research Institute Chakwal said that Agri. Department Punjab is focusing on the maintenance of population of beneficial insects for useful purposes. He said that the excessive use of pesticides is continuously declining the population of beneficial pollinating insects in addition to harmful insects. He recommended to minimize the pesticides application in agriculture and promote the use of biological control practices of harmful insects. Speaking on the importance of natural pollinators Dr. Tariq said that Honey bees significantly increase the rate of pollination in crops, fruits and vegetables. Dr. Tariq recommended that farming community should rear honey bees in addition to regular farming that will increase pollination rate and honey production. Tablo was performed by the students of different schools to create awareness about the importance of pollinators for Agriculture. Stalls from research institutes and bee keepers were also exhibited which latest technologies regarding beekeeping was displayed. At the end of the event a short walk was also arranged for public awareness.