New Initiatives

Some of the new initiatives are mentioned below:
  • Olive Oil Extraction Mill
  • Control pollination using honey bees for various crops
  • Organic Farming (Cotton & vegetables)
  • Introduction/ adaptability of new minor crops (Quinoa &  Camelina etc)
  • Introduction/ adaptability of new fruits (Pistachio, berries, figs, avocado, nectarine, grapes, chicku, passion and olives etc)
  • Construction of new pond for Rain water harvesting
  • Use of soil conditioners/ hydrogel for moisture conservation ( olive, vegetables, crops)
  • Mushrooms (organic)
  • Hydroponic plant for vegetables
  • Grassy Orchards (Environment friendly approach)
  • Vermicomposting
  • Communities based trainings (increased number)
  • Rehabilitation of bulldozed/ leveled land