New Initiatives

Some of the new initiatives are mentioned below:

  • Olive Oil Extraction Mill
  • Control pollination using honey bees for various crops
  • Organic Farming (Cotton & vegetables)
  • Introduction/ adaptability of new minor crops (Quinoa &  Camelina etc)
  • Introduction/ adaptability of new fruits (Pistachio, berries, figs, avocado, nectarine, grapes, chicku, passion and olives etc)
  • Construction of new pond for Rain water harvesting
  • Use of soil conditioners/ hydrogel for moisture conservation ( olive, vegetables, crops)
  • Mushrooms (organic)
  • Hydroponic plant for vegetables
  • Grassy Orchards (Environment friendly approach)
  • Vermicomposting
  • Communities based trainings (increased number)
  • Rehabilitation of bulldozed/ leveled land

Place of Initiative

CEFORT will be located at Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal, while project activities including adaptability studies shall be conducted in Pothwar, Thal and Southern Punjab including Cholistan 
The scope of the centre shall be whole Punjab.