Diffusion and Adoption Through Partnerships


Diffusion and adoption through partnerships and action of the best watershed rehabilitation and irrigation practices and technologies to help rural farmers”  


Successful diffusion and adoption with target audiences (farmers) of the selected practices and technologies from phase-1 that were on the adoption side.


  • To promote and raise awareness about the project contents, developments and results.
  • Exchange of information with key partner institution.
  • To convince individual end-users (farmer) to adopt and/or apply the results of  phase-1 within and after the projects lifetime.

Activities (related to objectives) regarding your technology or technologies

  • Professional Trainings to the professional ragarding water saving technologies
  • Provide awareness to the farming community to get them aware of latest watershed technologies.
  • To endorse maximum adoption and followup of the technologies


Jan 2017 – March 2018.


56000 US$